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/__|                                 FAQ                                  |__\
Ten frequently asked questions are:
1. How do I communicate with other people?
There are a variety of ways you can communicate with other players and the
computer-controlled characters (MOBS) on Legend. To speak to all the people
in the room where you are: use SAY <message>, to communicate with someone
directly who may or may not be in the same room with you: use TELL <person's
name> <message>, and finally, channels are broadcast across the whole mud to
those players who are listening to the channel. See HELP SAY, HELP TELL and

2. How do I light my lamp?
Hold it. You only need your lamp at night or in dark/murky places. Lights
only stay lit for a certain period of time, so energy conservation is a good
idea. To see how much fuel your lamp still has type "look in lamp". You can
hold lamps even if you can't see anything else, and they will stay with you
if you die. To tell what time it is, type TIME.
3. Will I die of hunger/thirst? Where can I find food/drink? How do I
   regen hp/mana/mv faster?
No, you will simply regen hp/mv/mana slower than normal if you do not eat or
drink. Typically, inns carry food at higher prices, many shops sell food much
cheaper. The corpses of some animals can be carved using the command CARVE
CORPSE to get an edible filet. Each area usually has a fountain for free
water from which you can fill drink containers. Note, some of them may not be
pure and have disastrous affects. To regen hp/mana/mv faster, simply rest or
4. How do I save my character and equipment? What happens if I am over rent?
You RENT out at an inn instead of quitting with 'QUIT Y'. The amount you can
SAVE is limited by 1000 times your level, with 1000 bonus rent space. You
cannot save until you have played for 30 minutes or achieved level 2. There
is no 'out of pocket' fee for renting equipment. This means you can rent for
as long as you want (up to a month in real life) without worry. After a month
of inactivity, characters can be deleted. If you receive the message
"Saving... FAILED - Some of your items did not save because you are over
rent.", you are over rent and must drop things until you can save
successfully. You may type OFFER to see how much you are over and the rent
values of the items you are carrying. If you are over rent your ability to
gain XP is curtailed until you get your rent below your maximum rent value.
You also will not be able to RENT at an inn and save your progress. When you
are ready to leave the game, simply go to an inn and type RENT.

See also, HELP RENT.
5. How can I delete this character before a month is up? I want to use the
   same name?
Characters are automatically deleted if you have not rented yet, and have not
played for a total time of 1 half hour. Simply quitting the game with quit y
will delete the character. If you have gone past this time, ask a department
head or imp to delete your character.

In many cases, you will be told you may want to stick with your current
version for a while longer. After all, having 500 xp total at level 6 is
better than 0 xp at level 1.
6. What happens if I die?
You will come back into the game with just a boat and a light source, if you
had those before you were killed. Your equipment remains in your corpse, so
you should get back to it and retrieve your things. You will lose 1/2 of your
exp to your next level, or a maximum of 750k. Please see HELP DEATH.
Additionally, you can die to deathtraps, please read HELP DT.
7. Where can I practice/train up my stats? When can I see my stats?
HELP PRACTICE explains our rather different skill/spell learning system.
There usually is no ONE place to learn a specific skill. Spells are a bit
more unique. HELP MAGIC explains them. To learn a skill, think of a
mobile/npc who might logically already know the skill and try to locate that
type of mob. When you find someone you think might teach the skill you are
looking for, ASK <mobname> teach or ASK <mobname> learn, and they will list
off any skills they can teach. If they do teach a skill you are interested in
learning, type ASK <mobname> <skillname> to learn the skill. Be sure the
skill is listed in your ALLSKILLS list. It lists the ones you qualify to
learn. Once a skill is learned it is placed in your SKILLS list. HOWEVER,
skills that you no longer qualify for remain in SKILLS, but not in ALLSKILLS.
If you find you are no longer capable of using a skill, check ALLSKILLS to
see that it is still there. HELP SCORE explains when you get to see stats.
8. How come I can't kill something that cons as a 'perfect match' in two
   rounds like I can on XYZMud?
Here, perfect match means it should be like fighting a clone of yourself. It
should come out to be about a 50/50 chance of your success. Currently,
consider is only a comparison between your level and the mob's level. Some
will be easier, some will be harder based on stats, equipment, skills, etc.
The judge skill is a more comprehensive comparison of physical attributes.
9. REBOOT? What's that? Do I have to rent? How long will it be down?
A reboot is when the immortals restart the game. It is usually to fix bugs
and/or put in area updates. You do not have to rent. Reboots usually take
about 3 minutes of downtime. However, sometimes there are unforeseen problems
and it may take longer. If it's not back up immediately, try again in a few
minutes. If you log on and very few players are on, you can type TIME and if
the Mud Started Up time is nearly identical to the Mud System Time, it's
likely the mud just crashed or was rebooted and people are just beginning
to return.
10. Just what on earth is this OOC Lounge thing?
OOC stands for Out of Character. Many players hang out there to kick back,
talk to other people without too much spam, and relax. There are also a TON
of boards to read. Read HELP BOARD. Many of these will contain relevant
information to the game and to you as a player. To get back to the normal
game, simply type IC [in character]. See HELP OOC.
This FAQ is also given to each new character.
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