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/__|                          HOMETOWN HOMETOWNS                          |__\
Your choice of hometown, in combination with your stats, will greatly affect
the sort of abilities you have and the sort of career you can plan for yourself
in the game. Generally speaking, players beginning in more ancient/legendary
areas will have greater access to magical talents, with those beginning in a
legendary era being most favored with magical abilities. Areas where the people
lived close to nature are likely to produce good healers and herbalists. People
born in industrial times are best suited to the use of technologically advanced
weapons, like guns, and skills, like surgery. More hometown choices will be
added as new areas are created.
Arabia of the Arabian Nights and Celtic Ireland are ANCIENT hometowns.
Klein, Germany, and Viceroyal Lima are MEDIEVAL hometowns.
The Port of London and Gold Rush San Francisco are INDUSTRIAL hometowns.