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\  |----------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                             EXAMINE LOOK                             |__\
An Example of a Room You Might See with Look
Syntax: look
Syntax: look <object>
Syntax: look <character>
Syntax: look <direction>
Syntax: look <keyword>
Syntax: look room   
Syntax: look in <pile of currency>
Syntax: look in <container>
Syntax: look in <corpse>
Syntax: examine <container>
Syntax: examine <corpse>
LOOK, well, looks at something and sees what you can see. You can also look in
many types of items like light sources to tell how much fuel they have, look in
guns to see how many shots they currently have loaded, look in vehicles to see
how much fuel they have.
LOOK <direction> will often give you clues if you're about to walk into danger
or help you get your bearings. Not all exits have look at descriptions but the
important ones should.
LOOK ROOM will always give you the room description and its contents even if
you have BRIEF configured to only give room titles as you move around.
EXAMINE is short for 'LOOK container' followed by 'LOOK IN container'.

NOTE: When you LOOK IN CORPSE, many items that have some benefits to them 
(other than ac) are indicated with an asterisk in a corpse (in the auto-help 
color) and might bear out further INSPECTion. For experienced players 
and high-level areas, you should still examine everything, especially in 
a new area as this flag is aimed towards mostly stats that newer
players are unfamiliar with.
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