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When you log into the game for the first time, part of you newbie equipment will be a map of your hometown. There are several things you can do with this map, first, try to LOOK MAP, or EXAMINE MAP. You should see something similar to this:

Examining a London Map

The London map also gives you some options for other ways to manipulate it. (Not all hometown maps will have more than one option for looking at it.) If you type EXAMINE PROPER you should get something like this:

The ANSI Map for London Proper

Finally, you can also use this map to TRAIL to your destination. If you type TRAIL you should get something like this:

London map Trail Options

Now, to find your way to one of the locations listed, you would type TRAIL OUTFITTER, for example. And you should see something like:

    Your map suggests heading east to reach The Outfitters'.

As you move through rooms, you will continue seeing a message with the direction to take towards your destination until you either reach your destination, or type STOP.

For more information on how to use maps in-game, type HELP MAP.

___                                                                        ___
\  |----------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                         MAP MAPPING TRAILING                         |__\
Syntax: map examine [map]
        map list [map]
        map trail <keyword>
        map stop

Maps are special objects designed to help players follow trails to pre-defined
locations. The ability to use maps and follow a trail requires no skill and is
available to everyone.
You may acquire maps from NPCs or from other players.
MAP EXAMINE (or READ MAP) will tell you more about a specific map: its
quality, its era, and how much information it stores.

MAP LIST will show you locations marked on maps in your possession.

MAP TRAIL <location keyword as it appears on you map> starts you along a 
navigational path toward a location. Trailing is different from hunting in 
that it is not limited in length, has no lag, and it adjusts itself if you
stray from the path.

MAP STOP stops following the path.

Some maps, especially hometown maps, also offer a design of the area. To be
able to see the design, use LOOK MAP.

Creating your own map and defining locations on it requires special skills.

 __                                                                        __