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\  |----------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
/__|                          RENT RS RENT SHORT                          |__\
Syntax: rent 
Syntax: rent [options]
Syntax: rent short
Syntax: rs

To exit the game and keep your possessions, you must find an inn or a friendly
house and RENT there. Inns are centrally located in many cities, and you may
have begun in an inn when you first entered the game. If you have any doubt as
to whether a particular location serves as an inn, try OFFER.

RENT gives a detailed list of your possessions: the number of each item, their
rent values, the total rent values for each item and for all items, and the
limit on what you may rent. Some items are not rentable; these items appear
(in parentheses). If you are below your rent limit, RENT will bring you out
of the game to the entrance menu, where you have several out-of-character
options including re-entering the game, returning to the main menu 
("renting out completely"), or quitting the game.

You may rent up to 1000 gold worth of equipment per level of your experience,
plus a base 1000 gold worth. An easy formula to use when attempting to find
what you are capable of renting is (1000 * (your level+1)). Any combination
of equipment within this limit is allowed. You do NOT have to pay any gold to
rent. Rent value is simply a measure of how much your experience entitles you
to keep.

If you rent or die you will normally re-enter the game at the last inn you 
rented from. You can set your rent location without exiting the game using 
RENT SET. See HELP RENT SET for more information. To check your current rent
spot, type HOME.

When you move from one area to another, it is often a good idea to RENT or RENT
SET at the local inn.

RENT SHORT is the same as RENT, but without the detailed equipment listing. RS
will work in place of rent short.

RENT will also accept any of the ordering or limiting options that work with
OFFER. If you always want to rent or get offers the same way, you can customize
it with an alias. 

For example: 'ALIAS COMMAND RENT RENT BY COST' will show you expensive items 
last each time you rent. See HELP ALIAS for details.
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