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Welcome to LegendMUD's New Player Guide!

Legend is a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon). The theme is 'History as it was meant to be.' You will run into both historical and fictional figures and locations.

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Note: There is another guide made by our playerbase here:

Creating a Character

Without further ado, let's get started. Load up Legend by clicking here:

LegendMUD login screenshot.png

Huzzah! Please type 2 and hit enter to start a new character.

  1. Enter the name of your character, pick something fun and if that's taken, try again.
  2. Pick a password.
  3. Yes you do want color, type yes. Then yes again, extended attributes are fine.
  4. Pick a gender, we only have two at this time.
  5. This is the fun part. Your hometown determines your abilities, magic users come from Arabian Nights, great warriors from Medieval Germany, and folks that use guns hail from London or San Francisco. Since we're brand new, hit 5 for now. We'll go to London.
  6. If you've ever played Dungeons and Dragons this should be familiar. Today, we'll start a gun fighter so we'll enter 345126. This will select the order of Dexterity, Constitution, Perception, Strength, Mind, Spirit. As a gun fighter you'll want to be able to dodge, have some hit points and shoot straight. So we put those up front.
  7. Read the code of conduct, answer Yes, press enter through until you can type: [1] Enter the game.

Game Play

Congratulations, you're in! You stand in The Jolly Beggar, the Inn for Industrial London. Type 'L' to LOOK around. That's what's in the room with you. Then, type i to see your Inventory you will have a knife, a lamp, a FAQ, canteen, map and a piece of bread. For now, type 'wear knife'. You are now equipped to fight.

Type E to head East. In Legend, the world is comprised of rooms that lie in a grid of cardinal direction, you move between rooms by typing E, N, W, or S to head in that direction. If it's dark, then it's nighttime. type 'wear lamp' this will light the lamp for you so you can see. Type 'L' again.

In the room, one of the things in that room will be 'A silvery grey bird is searching for food here.'

Type 'con pigeon' this will help you CONSIDER the pigeon. In this case, your chosen opponent is 'The Perfect Match!' which means, you can take this one down. Type kill pigeon.

After a couple rounds of combat you should have the fulfilling message of:

    A pigeon falls to the ground dead, never to fly again, victim to your knife.
    A pigeon is DEAD!!
    You receive 308 experience.
    You hear a pigeon's death cry.

Congratulations, your career has begun. Type 'sc' to open up your SCORE. This will show you not only your statistics but also your Experience and how much more to level. In this case, you have 1292 yet to go for your next level.

At this point, wander around town looking for pigeons, rats and cats to kill. If you see any other animals or people be sure to CONSIDER them before you attack them. Anything that isn't The Perfect Match! I encourage you to stay away from for now.

As you fight, be aware of your Hitpoints listed on your prompt as HP. MA is Mana and MV is Movement. For now, just make sure your HP stays above 0 or you'll die and if your movement gets too low you may not be able to move until it regenerates.

If your HP or Move is low, type REST. This will have your character sit down and will increase your regeneration speed.

London is a pretty safe town except for the Vampire of course. For now, don't go North at St. Stephen's Street and Harbor Row. Everywhere else is safe!

While you wander around town, you may run into people. If so, you can SAY to them if they're in the same room. If you'd like to communicate with just one other person not in the same room you can send them a TELL. Finally, if you want to chat with the entire MUD please use CHAT.

If you get hungry or thirsty, type LIST in the inn. Samuel Norton has a selection of food and beverage for you. If your lamp goes out, he will let you BUY one of those as well.

Next Steps

Do not be afraid to send a tell, a say or a chat if you need help with in-game information. The help files are all extensive, type help then your question and more often then not there will be information.

When you are ready to stop playing the game for the day you will need to RENT at the local Inn.

When you've killed enough pigeons, rats and cats to level, please proceed to Level 2